Welcome to the Signature Generator v.2

This generator has been created to allow Shaiya players to display their character infos on a graphic signature for easy use on the forums (for example). Remember this site is in no way affiliated to Aeria Game. It is made by a (retired) player for (active?) players. Do NOT, EVER use your AGE logins here.


What is different from the first version?


This version has been tested with the latest versions of Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer (and probably will never be).
For an easier use of this site you need to have Javascript enabled, though disabling it won't prevent you from using it. So what is the difference? Javascript will provide you for example a preview of the signature you are creating, as long as tips as you go : nothing vital, just might come handy.

Feedback & Help

You can refer to the original post on the AGE forums for a small guide on how to create your signatures using this site.

If you have any questions/ requests/ suggestions please pm me on forums, leave a message on the forum topic, or send me an email at siggys.naja@yahoo.com.